B., Rice University Brand new Environment out-of Coral Worms: Creating a link between Coral Predation and Virus infection during the French Poylnesia

B., Rice University Brand new Environment out-of Coral Worms: Creating a link between Coral Predation and Virus infection during the French Poylnesia

Fillion, Age, Ny School Playing with Dental Microwear Consistency Studies to look at Plant life Changes Regarding the Pliocene Hominin Return in the Laetoli, Tanzania

Fiocca, Katherine, Drexel College or university Knowledge Developmental Time and you can Freedom off Status Devotion in the a warm Eusocial Wasp: Effects having Reproductive Plasticity and you may Personal Venture

Gilbert, Anthony, Ohio College Adaptation to International Environment Changes: Connections Ranging from Thermal and you will Hypoxia Variation within Significant Elevations, Pyrenees Mountains, France

Fantastic, Abigail, Rutgers College, The fresh Brunswick Record this new Lake Wolf: Starting set up a baseline out of Pre-Hydropower Environment Have fun with by a put at risk Salmonid on Particularly-Selenge Watershed, North Mongolia

Gonzalez, Sara Tasse, College or university out-of Ca, Santa Cruz The ongoing future of Kelp because an organic Investment: Environment and you may Hereditary People from Chemical substances Type into the Icon Kelp of Chile

Disgusting, Collin, College or university out-of Ca, Davis Entertaining Aftereffects of Predator and Sufferer Useful Faculties and you will Phylogenetic Build towards System out of Faunal Groups For the Central Ca Eelgrass Beds

Haba, Yuki, Princeton School Urban Evolution: Behavioural Evolution within the Culex pipiens Mosquitoes into the Big Metropolises of your own East Us

Hansen, Kimberly M., Washington Condition College Phylogeography and you may Variety Delimitation regarding the Neotropical Kohleria spicata (Gesneriaceae) in the Colombia and you may Panama

Krause, Johannes, Academy out of Pure Sciences Blue Carbon dioxide during the a mexican Lagoon: Understanding Normal Count Bicycling Across Dynamic Environment Borders

Lewis, Claire J., College from The state at Manoa Do the brand new Indian Sea Harbor Old otherwise Latest Cryptic Species of the fresh new Coral Genus Pavona?


Macias, Diana S., University of brand new Mexico Testing the brand new Trade-Off Between Reproductive Production and you can Vegetative Gains getting Mast Seeding Pinon Pine (Pinus edulis) when you look at the Semi-Arid The Mexico

Millikin, Alexie, Yale University Time, Speed, and you can Vehicle operators of Tonian (1000–720 Ma) Eukaryotic Diversity: Insights Regarding the Radiogenic Isotope Listing of Nordaustlandet Svalbard

Monk, Julia, Yale University from Forestry Environment Training Predator-Prey Interactions and Mineral Bicycling regarding Higher Andes out-of Main Argentina

Montgomery, Graham, School out-of Connecticut An alternative Ecological Cascade: Insect Refuses and Outcomes getting Insectivorous Wild birds about East Joined Says

Mustapha, Mohammed, College or university off Florida A keen Archaeometallurgical Research regarding Nasia: Implications toward Socio-Tech Growth of new Mamprugu Empire from North Ghana

Napolitano, Matthew F., University out-of Oregon Colonization of one’s Countries off Stone Money: Archaeological Excavation to the Secluded Countries away from Yap, West Micronesia

Hodgskiss, Malcolm Stewart William, Stanford College or university, Interested in Worldwide Indicators regarding the Orosirian ?13C List on Lakes Mistassini and you may Albanel, Quebec

Packer, Michelle, College or university out-of Tx from the Arlington Evolutionary Information Regarding Endemic Predator Reintroductions: Hooking up Daphnia Evolution to Stickleback Phenotypes for the Alaskan River Ecosystems

Powell, Emily An excellent., College out-of Miami The newest Character of Changeable Artwork and you will Olfactory Companion-Detection Indicators in the Reproductive Isolation Among Communities of your own Reef Gecko (Sphaerodactylus notatus) into the Fl and the Bahamas

Ridge https://datingranking.net/cs/joingy-recenze/, William Patrick, University out of Illinois during the il Exploring High-Measure Payment Decline Inside Bodrogkeresztur Period (4000–3500 BCE) inside the Eastern Hungary

Rubin, Juliette J., Boise County College Testing a keen Anti-Predator Neurological Impression in the great outdoors for the Fl: Second Stages in the new Bat-Moth Possession Race

Smith, Annika L., University away from Florida Has actually Whole Genome Duplications Driven Transitions inside the Pollination Syndromes from the Chilean Nasturtiums (Tropaeolum sect.

Spicer, Michelle Elise, College or university out-of Pittsburgh Set up in the air: Experimentally Analysis Alternative Hypotheses out-of Epiphyte Community Development in Neotropical Forest Canopies into the Panama

Stager, Maria, College from Montana, Missoula Vehicle operators off Version into the Regular Mental Independency Certainly Junco Communities of West All of us

Vigar, Robert J., School of Pennsylvania My personal Globe, My personal Planet Is actually a ruin: Dispossession, Repossession, and Archaeology in the Egyptian Nubia

Wang, Shujing, New york College Electricity Framework and you can Change Networks in the Borderlands: Another type of Late Iron Ages Elite group Burial Assemblage from the Periphery of your own Bukhara Retreat from inside the Uzbekistan

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