Rizzoli Roentgen, Environmentally friendly J third, ilial multiple endocrine neoplasia style of We

Rizzoli Roentgen, Environmentally friendly J third, ilial multiple endocrine neoplasia style of We

Lourenco DM Jr, Coutinho Florida, Toledo RA, Montenegro Florida, Correia-Deur JE, Toledo SP: Early-beginning, modern, frequent, extensive, and severe limbs mineral and you can kidney problem into the numerous hormonal neoplasia particular step 1-relevant pri;-2391.

Arnalsteen LC, Alesina PF, Quiereux JL, Farrel SG, Patton FN, Carnaille BM, ainsi que al: Long-identity result of lower than total parathyroidectomy to possess hyperparathyroidism in the several endocrine neoplasia type of step one. Businesses 2002;-1124.

Salmeron MD, Gonzalez JM, Sancho Insenser J, Goday A good, Perez NM, Zambudio AR, ainsi que al: Explanations and you can treatment of recurrent hyperparathyroidism after subtotal parathyroidectomy regarding presence out of multiple endocrine neoplasia step 1. Community J Surg 2010;-1331.

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Triponez F, Dosseh D, Goudet P, Cougard P, Bauters C, Murat A good, et al: Epidemiology research to your 108 People step 1 people from the GTE that have separated nonfunctioning tumors of your own pancreas

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Berna MJ, Annibale B, Marignani Meters, Luong Tv, Corleto V, Rate A great, ainsi que al: A prospective examination of gastric carcinoids and enterochromaffin-instance telephone changes in multiple endocrine neoplasia style of step 1 and you will Zollinger-Ellison syndrome: identification of risk facts. J Clin Endocrinol Metab 2008;-1591.

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J Clin Endocrinol Metab 2012;-3011

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Stratakis Ca, Schussheim DH, Freedman SM, Keil MF, Pack SD, Agarwal SK, mais aussi al: south korea beautiful girl Pituitary macroadenoma during the a good 5-year-old: an early term off numerous hormonal neoplasia type of step one. J Clin Endocrinol Metab 2000;-4780.

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Ramsay JA, Kovacs K, Asa SL, Pike MJ, Thorner MO: Reversible sellar enlargement on account of human growth hormone-unveiling hormonal development from the pancreatic endocrine tumors inside the a great acromegalic diligent which have numerous endocrine neoplasia method of We problem. Malignant tumors 1988;-450.

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