The fresh new curse is just a test from true love to see and that woman carry out citation

The fresh new curse is just a test from true love to see and that woman carry out citation

Doo Rim has passed it attempt since she it is loves Kang Joo, however, the lady upcoming evaluation shall be scarier than demise

Kang Joo runs out of your own villa and phone calls out Jang Yi Kyung when he desperately actively seeks Doo Rim. We see Doo Rim strolling with the edge of this new high cliff seemingly during the a good daze. Doo Rim stands at the side of the fresh cliff and simply looks aside with the length. Kang Joo remains selecting the lady and that’s freaking aside.

Doo Rim initiate sobbing and flashes to her ending up in the fresh new ghost one night in the event the frightening ghost expected if she had been happy to wed Kang Joo in the event that she passed away? Doo Rim claims sure and the frightening ghost morphs toward nice ghost and strolls out to share with Doo Rim you to she won’t pass away. It is really not the ghost who desires Doo Rim’s lives, it will be the some one to them.

The ghost states one to no body knows what is actually at the prevent of highway additionally the future is actually her own give and come up with

If the Doo Rim would like to sit by Kang Joo permanently, she should stop this lady hide and deal with the case. It would be much more mundane than up against passing, folk up to the girl commonly tear her in order to shreds, she will end up being battered and you will broken, as well as the person ahead of her may well not accept the lady after and will throw away the girl. Does she nevertheless want to go that it road also once you understand so it? Doo Rim nods and allows that it lonely competition in the future. Doo Rim asks why it actually was her? The newest ghost says this answer is also as much as Doo Rim and see. The new ghost are at out their give and she actually is together with dressed in this new same wristband. She vanishes with the nights and you will Doo Rim wipes aside the girl rips.

Doo Rim transforms around regarding the edge of the brand new cliff and you will observes Kang Joo powering up worriedly looking for the girl. Kang Joo operates up-and she strolls out to him. He immediately incur hugs her and you may she hugs your back. Doo Rim says to Kang Joo one she wouldn’t perish since there isn’t any put coming. She notices Kang Joo carrying the newest wristband and you may informs him you to definitely the one who offered this lady the latest bracelet asserted that its future is actually theirs and come up with. They laugh at each almost every other and you will kiss.

Chairman Ma along with her lackey both wake up and instantaneously hurry to test the situation. Yi Hyun pulls up and strolls directly into this new house however, discovers it blank. Dude, that is not a polite thing to do provided there are newly wedded couples inside before. Yi Hyun treks away and you may observes Kang Joo and Doo Rim walking on the mountain case-in-arm. Abruptly Yi Hyun is actually knocked unconscious of the lackey and you can dragged out over the side.

Kang Joo and you may Doo Rim discover President Ma waiting by the house thus Kang Joo takes top honors and you may would go to cam on the girl he believes try their mom-in-rules. Kang Joo apologizes to have worrying the lady however, Chairman Ma would like to talk about it into Seoul as the what you worked out. She says to Doo Rim going into the and have the woman things.

Kang Joo and you may Doo Rim was when you look at the villa in which he kisses their towards temple and you can ensures the girl you to he will block most of the ammo for her in the years ahead. Doo Rim really wants to make sure he understands one thing, reminding him that he vow to Japanese dating for free think the lady and you will asking him maybe not hate her or will not forgive the lady. Kang Joo thinks this woman is being odd but there’s little you to can be nut your out very she simply need to say they. That’s true since the he or she is come members of the family which have good ghost while the childhood. Doo Rim asks just what he would manage should your the girl you to definitely the guy understands isn’t the girl. He requires just what she form? Ahead of Doo Rim can also be accept the truth about her and Jang Yi Kyung, Kang Joo’s cellular telephone bands having a visit away from their folks saying one to their grandmother have fell unwell.

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